Sell gemstones to customers around the world – Take your business online and see how it grows!

Break business barriers and borders. Sell gemstones internationally. Sell your gemstones from the comfort of your shop, office or from home.
All you need is an e-commerce website that enables selling gemstones and jewelries.

 You’re 3 steps from launching your business online!

Get Your Website

Creating a website never being easy as this

Decide on what you want to achieve by going online

A simple website for your gem and jewelry business or an e-commerce website to sell online.

Select a website design which you like.

Select a website design which you like most. Select websites and e-commerce website designs in the website gallery.

Send us your details.

Send us your company details and photos of gemstones and jewelries. Our design team will put all those details to create your website. 

What You Get

We give you 6 reasons for you to sign up Nveloop Websites.
You don’t get these services from any other website build srvices for free.

Website for Diamond, Colored Stones or Jewelry Business

E-commerce websites especialy made for gem and jewelry business. We understand your business than any other. Our ecommerce website designs tick all the industry requirements. Find customers, drive sales with the help of Nveloop sites.

Promote Your Company, Sell Gemstones

Use ecommerce websites to promote your company and sell gemstones directly to the customers all over the world.
A well designed website is a representation of your company in international market. The first thing a customer look for about you is your company website.  

Free Website Content

Send us your company details, business information and photos of gemstones and jewelries you make. Our content development team will present your details in a beautiful way for readers.

Free Web Design

You just need to tell us which design is you like. We’ll take care of putting all the details into the website.  Final result is an attractive e-commerce website for your gem,  jewelry business.

Free Branding

When designing your e-commerce website, we give much consideration about your brand. The website should able to tell your brand story to the customers.

Free Consulting

How to take their businesses online! We don’t expect everyone to be good in technology, we guide them to go online and sell gemstones and jewelry to international customers.

All the features need for an e-commerce website

Nveloop Websites take care of everything you need to launch an e-commerce website. You don’t need to be conversant in IT to launch your business to new worldwide customers.

Unlimited products, unlimited product categories
Payment gateway of your choice
Mobile optimized websites
Payments direct to your bank
Secure website
Cross sell, up sell features
Integrate with social media accounts
Manage orders

Ecommerce Website Designs

Choose what best looking for your business, our sites are designed for gem & jewelry.

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Design 4

Design 5

Design 6

Design 7

Design 8

Design 9

Design 10