Make your gem testing lab stand out

Perfect system to manage gemstone laboratory and certification process.
Issue GRS, GIA like test certificates within minutes.

Issue Test Reports Super-fast: Colored Stones and Diamond.

Nveloop GLMS helps gemologists to store tested gem object data and print laboratory report directly from the software.
The lab can issue different designed lab reports for colored stones and diamond. Offer e-verification with online or QR code, for easy third-party verification.

Order Management & Invoicing.

Advanced yet user friendly purchasing screen let you to enter all the stone details at once. No need to update in multiple places.

Use purchasing and inventory tools to look at what you have in the stock. Never overstock anything or pay too much. Also never miss an opportunity buy a good gemstone.

Manage cash and credit purchases perfectly. Supplier payments managed smoothly without  running out of cash.

Enter and retreive stone readings quickly

The pre-set data feed functions simplifies the stone test data entry in to the software system.

The advance yet simple data entry layout minimize the gemologist’s time spent in the software.

Print test reports with a click, options to print different types of certificates. 

The Only Software You’ll Ever Need to Manage a Gem Testing Lab

The Gem Lab Management System is comprehensive software system to manage a gem lab from order taking to certificate printing.
The simple test record entry functions makes report generation so fast while minimizing gemologists’ time spend minimum. 

Order Management

Issue order not to the customers and start to track the whole process until the invoice. Use barcode or order no to track.


Issue tax invoices. Take cash or card payments. Manage credit customers. 

Service Offerings

Create different levels of service offerings; like express, one day or normal service. Automate pricing accordingly. 

Customer Management

Manage customer types and categories. Company customers, walk-in, trade. Automate loyalty discount levels.

Precious, Semi Precious & Diamond

Issue test certificates for coloredstones and diamonds from the same system.

Online & QR Verification

Scan the QR code in the test report or key in certificate no in the lab’s website to verify the issued lab report.

All plans are offered on annual subscription basis. 

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What Our Customers Say

Easy to use and provides lots of valuable data that can show how many times a customer has returned to us etc.. also having a software that is accessible online means we can work outside of the office at home.

Kane Hyett

Gemologist GG GIA - London Gem Lab

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Fahmy Hilmy

Gemologist - Berberyn Gem Lab

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Adithya Kumar

CEO, Gemologist - Tej Gem Testing Lab

Frequently Asked Questions

what benefit we get using glms?

Nveloop GLMS is very user friendly software. It automates entire test certificate issue of the lab without incuring big technology cost.

what happens when a customer gives a gemstone for testing?

The front desk issue a order note with gemstone details. A copy to the customer and another to the gemologists along with the gemstone.

can we do invoice from the system itself?

Yes. Two ways to do an invoice.
1. By scanning the barcode label on the order note.
2. From order note number or selecting the job order from the customer name.

Can we issue reports for colored stones and diamonds?

Yes, the softeare has options for both colored stones and diamond test report issues. It also prints different report formats.

is there a way to set charges for different certificate types we issue?

You can set different service offerings ( like express, same day, normal,..), certificate types and then can set prices accordingly.

How fast i can start using glms?

Software set up works only take about 1 days’ time. But the printer setups for different certificate types may take 2 to 3 days time.

how long user training takes?

This is very user friendly software. user training won’t take more than two hour per user. We don’t limit user training hours, we’ll ensure everyone in the lab use the software to the maximum.

i'm not a tech person, new to softwares. how long i would take to get use of it?

GMS is a very user friendly software. Anyone can use the system after an hour’s training. We don’t limit training timings. Until you get familiar you can request further trainings.

the business details i enter in to the software is safe?

Definitely, data saved in secure servers. Only you has access to your company’s data.

which system do i need to subscribe? suits for my lab

V1 got everything you need for to issue test reports.
V2 adds order management; order taking and invoicing.
Most new labs start with V1 and move on to V2 when the business picks up.

can i use the software from my mobile phone?

Yes. You can use phone, tab or notepads while on the move.