Instagram is a popular social networking app used to share photos, videos with friends and online followers. Instagram is one of the most amazing platforms to get exposure. The trendiest platform to share beautiful pictures and videos than other social media platforms. The simple layout and easy interaction functions made it most popular among young and middle age groups.

To get Instagram users to buy your products or to get any kind of interest in gems and jewelries you sell, you need to grow followers to your account> Then you need to get them interactive and make them to react on your posts; like you posts, comment on it, share and tagging other people.

Human connection

Nowadays big brands and businesses all have their presence in the social media channels. They have thousands of followers if not millions. However you would’ve seen the posts from these brands and businesses do get good amount of “likes” but, very few people comment on those. On the other hand you would’ve seen social media users interacting extensively with other people, friends, colleagues and celebrities. To interaction to happen there is a need for human involvement, people wants to share their ideas, complains, appreciations or anything they want to speak up only when they see a human on the other side.

Business  or person?

Create an account using your business name as the Instagram username handle. It keeps your businesses online identity uniformly. You have the same name in Facebook, Youtube and the website. Keep the business IG handle as the showcase page, unless you spend few hundred dollars, chances of getting your posts going viral is low.

Build your personal account in line with the brand. It doesn’t mean you have to put your private life into the social media. Share those moments that matters to your customers, suppliers and the Instagram followers. You can share your travel experience to another country, trade show visit, your professional accomplishments such as completing GIA Gemology Course or Jewelry Designing.

Create your profile/ bio

Add a profile picture, its better if you can use yourself in the profile picture. Tell people about you in the profile. Talk about your jewelry designs, gemstones you buy, about craftsmen working with you in the business. It is accepted to use emoji’s in Instagram wherever appropriate to make things looks cool, it’s also a way express the fun side of your business.

Story telling

Your instagram account is a story book for your followers. They read your story, watch videos and see photos you share about your business. All stories you share represent the brand you intended to build. So make sure things you share in Instagram are relevant and gives a great impression about your business, gemstones and jewelries you sell.

How to get your followers engaged with your brand?

Post something that could be interesting to the audience or followers you wishes to have. Your posts and writings should invite feedback from your followers, invite them to participate in the conversation. For example when you post a valentine ring, you can ask your followers to share designs they like, or can ask when they got a valentine ring last time. Then you can expect them to “comment” or “tag” their partner who gifted them a ring or expecting a ring from.

Keep it simple

Keep your writings very simple and cool. Use simple language in writings, use emoji’s. When sharing photos or videos share your own content, people like to see authentic stuff. Take photos of your gemstones and jewelry. Sharing stock photos or designs from Bulgari won’t look authentic for your brand.

In our next article we’ll be sharing how to sell in Instagram