Helping Gemstone Businesses to Grow

Software to drive business growth. Manage everything from sapphires to rubies, tourmalines, aquamarines, spinels and everything.

Manage the business online from wherever you go or from the comfort of your home.

Easy to Use, Productive and Efficient Software System for Colored Stones and Diamond Business.

Know your cost and profit from sales of precious gemstones and diamonds with a click.

Track and account all expenses; purchasing, faceting, test certificates, travelling.

Manage colored gemstone inventory by type; sapphire, emeralds, tsavorites, rubies, tourmaline, garnet with the carat weight and quantity.

Open your valuable stones to the world using e-catalog and global E-commerce site integration. You are one step behind in attracting international customers.

Purchasing: Manage gemstone buying with ease in a single screen purchase entry.

Advanced yet user friendly purchasing screen let you to enter all the stone details at once. No need to update in multiple places.

Use purchasing and inventory tools to look at what you have in the stock. Never overstock anything or pay too much. Also never miss an opportunity buy a good gemstone.

Manage cash and credit purchases perfectly. Supplier payments managed smoothly without  running out of cash.

Sales: Quick invoicing using barcode scan or item code.  

Foreign currency invoices, stone price or weight based (ct/ gm) pricing, cash and credit payment options has simplified the way you  do a sales.

Manage return, refunds and the customer payments efficiently. Extended reporting functions makes managing your business transactions easy.

Inventory: Custom made inventory functions for colored gemstone business.

Automatic inventory updates with every purchase or sales entry.

Create and manage different item categories, gemstone types, colored stone or diamond.

Simply manage inventory in multiple locations or branch offices in a single system. Do sales, purchasing for the branches.

Quick gemstone look up function using gemstone variety, color, treatment, weight.

The Only Software You’ll Ever Need

The Gem Merchant System is filled with industry specific functionalities for gemstone business. The GMS helps you to manage your business with ease and from anywhere you travel or even from your home.

Customer Management

Know your customer purchasing history. Analyze customer reports to identify what they buy, buying patterns, quantities and how much profit you made from each customer.

Supplier Management

Manage supplier payments, quantities. Know your supplier by what you purchase from him or her. The purchasing history will let you to negotiate better prices and payment terms.

Multi Location Management

Manage branches and country offices seamlessly. Track inventory, initiate purcasing, selling, assign expenses to the locations. Manage exhibition stocks and sales quantities.

Multi Currency

Buy or sell in any currency. Manage the currency conversions within the system.
Issue invoices in customers’ currency and get paid by the same..

Manage Lab and Lapidary Processes

Track gemstones issues and returns to and from testing labs and lapidaries for faceting, re-cutting or test certificates. Update the costs and gemstone changes.

Broker & Consignee Memo

Manage broker and consignee memo gemstone issues, return dates and sales invoicing. Manage commission rates and amounts.

Ledger and Expenses

Account for all expenses by using quick entry ledger accounts. Manage different accounts for rent, travel, taxes, shipping, wages.

Print Labels and Barcode

Print barcode labels straight from the software. Add gemstone details in the label; variety, color, cost code, size, weight for quick referencing.



Generate, print or export sales, purchasing, inventory, inventory costing and profitability reports with a click. Customize reports with the information you need by simply selecting variables.

*30%, 40%, 50% off discount offers valid only for annual plan subscriptions. Monthly plan subscriptions for standard, pro and premium are $50, $80, and $140.
*Add-on Modules: Subject to additional charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

what benefit we get using gms?

Nveloop GMS is a cloud based online software. You can manage your company from anywhere.

what happens when i enter a purchase stone?

as soon as you enter a stone purchase, the system updates inventory, payments (payable amount if its a credit purchase), supplier account.

what happens when i do a sales invoice?

Inventory, payment, customer accounts update accordingly. Profitability reports get updated; you can see how much profit made from selling that gemstone.

Can we manage colored stones and diamond in the software?

Yes, the softeare supports both colored stones and diamonds. Also you can manage cut & polished stones.

how do i add lapidary cost to the stone?

Lapidary cost – recut, polishing or lab charges can be assigned directly to the stone.

Do we need to use a separate software to print barcode?

No. Barcode label printing inbuilt with the software. System generates automatic item labels with barcode.

Is the above pricing for single user account?

Standard – 2 users
Pro – 5 users
Premium – 10 users

How fast i can start using gms?

After signing up you can start within 24hrs, depending on available user training time slot.

how long user training takes?

training how to use the software won’t take more than an hour usually. Users new to compter software may take two or three training sessions. 

i'm not a tech person, new to softwares. how long i would take to get use of it?

GMS is a very user friendly software. Anyone can use the system after an hour’s training. We don’t limit training timings. Until you get familiar you can request further trainings.

the business details i enter in to the software is safe?

Definitely, data saved in secure servers. Only you has access to your company’s data.

which system do i need to subscribe? suits for my company

If you’re not sure which plan from Standard, Pro or Premium for your company, please let us know. One of our consultant will talk to you identify your company’s software needs, probably over a zoom meeting. This is provided free of charge.

can i use the software from my mobile phone?

Yes. You can use phone, tab or notepads while on the move.