Make your gem testing and certification lab stand out, issue GRS, GIA like test certificates

Nveloop revamped Gem Lab Management System with a major upgrade and the version 2.0 is available for customers.; i.e gem testing and certification labs. Nveloop’s engineering and development team achieved this during the covid-19 lockdown stay home period by working from home with team collaborating online.

The laboratory information management system enables the gem testing and certification labs to store tested gem object data and provide an easy information retrieval facility. It allows the gemologist to print laboratory reports directly from a computer or a mobile device. The report embedded with a unique barcode, QR code for easy third-party online report verification.

Back Office | Gemmologist’s Window:

The 2.0 version released with taking user experience to another level, the gemologists can add standard test readings straightaway from the reports window.

Easy pick standard test reading added for popular “Color” variants, this further shortens test certificate generation time.

Customer Management | Front Desk:

The new front desk functions now come with a certificate/ service pricing matrix; the order-taking customer waiting time could be reduced up to by 50% with this tool.

The key customer / corporate customer management is upgraded with customer categorization and loyalty discount offer options against different test objects. This is further extendable with delivery options.

The reporting enhanced by reporting tool customization option and the newly added “Receivables Aging Report”.

With these new improvements, Gem Labs can set their standards high, aiming to be stand out from the competitors and to be well recognized all over the world. Nveloop GLMS provide a single integrated system for gemstone testing and certification labs.