Many ask this question, how do I get in to gem business?

If you having your parents or someone in your family in the gem trading or gemstone related services; cutting, heating or gem test laboratory services you find it easy to learn the business.  Else you need to find someone in your friend zone who is in to the gem trade.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t find anyone that you know in the industry.Many believe that getting in to gem trade is not easy unless you have someone in your family or closes friend are in the industry. There is a reason for this thinking; unlike many other industries the gem trade being passed on to generations from father to sons and daughters. You can see this pattern not only in traditional gem trading Aisan countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Burma. It is mostly common in Europe and North America too, businesses passed down to generations and are private and family owned.

Learn the basics

Learning anything nowadays not hard as before 20 years ago. The internet has helped to take education to every part of the world. Even if you are not living in a country that not involved in gem trade you’re able to learn about the basics of the industry without paying anything, for free.

Learning by simply browsing the websites of the gem trade associations, gemological research labs, universities and the gem trading companies would give any beginner a good knowledge about the gem industry. You can learn by watching videos in Youtube by the industry experts, free webinars and vlogs by the travelers. Reaserch papers published by universities go further and in to deep details.

Maximizing Free Learning Opportunities

Internet is full of free learning tools and methods. Students can make avail of free webinars regularly conducted by the industry associations; GIA, FGA, AGTA, ICA, SSEF and others.

Also there are few reputed private organizations where you can find quality information; Gubelin, Lotus, and GRS are independent private gemological research institutes and laboratories.

Reading business magazines and newspapers will enrich you in market information, customer behavior, new industry findings, government regulations, and new opportunities.

Attending Courses Vs Online Learning

What is the best method to learn about the gemstones? Attending a gem course is the better option than undertaking an online course. While you get first hand experience touching gemstones, handling testing equipment and asking instantaneous questions from the instructor, you also get a chance to network with students like you.

The industry very much depends on personal and business contacts when sourcing the gemstones and finding the buyers. Your relationship with other students can be a life long business relationship with a potential supplier or buyer. As we noted earlier the gemstone industry is very much rely on networks though the virtual networks helped by internet technologies gradually finding it footings.

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